Sunday, 6 January 2013

6 Jan: Afternoon ride to Cherry Hinton

John writes: Despite a mild but very murky Sunday afternoon 9 riders gathered at Brookside. Undoubtedly the prospect of a home tea was a factor.

We set off along the Barton Road cycle track, turning left after Wallis’ garage towards Haslingfield. There was a brief pause at the top of Chapel Hill where most of us switched on rear lights. The view was rather obscured by mist. Thence we sped through Barrington, Shepreth, and crossed the A10 into Fowlmere and on to Flint Cross. A left turn off the Barley Road took us uphill to Great Chishill (Cambridgeshire’s highest village). Then a short pause to let us all regroup and review progress. We agreed to follow the original plan of going through Heydon to near Pightle Farm but then to continue downhill to Chrishall Grange rather than climb up to Elmdon and on to Ickleton. After Chrishall Grange we turned right along a straight descent into Duxford. By now we had split into two groups a mile or so apart. At Duxford it was quite dark and front lights were needed. An advantage of the murky weather is that the traffic had been light but after Whittlesford it began to build up; thence it was into the Shelfords and to Cherry Hinton. I was surprised how hilly this final stage was. There were no punctures or mechanical incidents.

At Conrad’s house we enjoyed an excellent tea with delicious cakes and some exotic oriental snacks. I was one of the last to arrive (the day riders having, as usual, got there first) but there was ample food left. Many thanks to the Chua family for their hospitality.

I estimate the overall distance was about 29 miles. John Ferguson

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