Sunday, 17 February 2013

17 Feb: Sunday afternoon ride to Cambourne

Ian writes: I experienced an odd sensation on the way to the start. It was warm sunshine, and most welcome it was as well. Winds were light also giving us probably the best day this year for a ride. 5 other riders were at Brookside for the days adventure.

We headed out on the DNA path to the Shelfords before turning onto the Whittlesford Road where we took the right turn across the track that takes us to Newton. This track is just about passable now with a clear line through the muddier parts. Snowdrops were out on the roadside and glorious clear blue skies overhead were a treat for the soul after the weather of the last couple of months.

From Newton we climbed the hill that takes us to Harston where we cross the A10 to Haslingfield. We ignored Chappel Hill, instead taking the turn to Harlton.

From here it's a simple route up through Great Eversden then Bourne where we turned right for climb up to Cambourne winding our way through the tracks to tea. We arrived at the café bang on 3.30 to find they had closed very sharply, so we bought snacks and drinks in the main shop and sat in a corner of the café eating them.

There was a strong desire to get back to Cambridge in the light, so we didn’t linger. I took the direct route along the old St. Neots road with the temperature noticeably plummeting, then onto the Coton path and back to town. I finished up with 36 miles on the clock. Ian Driver

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