Sunday, 24 February 2013

24 Feb: Afternoon ride to Ickleton

Peter Hutchison writes: Mike Kenny was our leader – this was a very cold day so no surprise to find just a small group at Brookside at 1.30pm: Steve, Daniel, Daniel, John E, Mike and myself. We headed out along the guided busway to Shelford, then along to the outskirts of Whittlesford where Mike led us to the “back” road which goes through woods on the way to Duxford. Here we stopped for a photo shoot with the magnificent display of snowdrops as you can see here. First with our leader and then a group shot.

We then continued to Duxford and out along Grange Road before doubling back up to the top of Coploe Hill. It was even colder by now and my toes were feeling it even in my new winter boots and wool socks! We were very glad to arrive at Ickleton and the Riverside café for hot drinks and cakes.

On the way back into Cambridge, Nigel demonstrated his new gadget which features a thermometer, and announced just outside Whittlesford that it had reached -1.5C. This, combined with a northerly headwind meant I was glad I was wearing a lot of layers.

All in all, a lovely ride, thanks for an imaginative route planned by Mike, and thanks to lots of warm clothing, enjoyable even in the cold. Peter Hutchison

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