Wednesday, 15 May 2013

15 May: Evening ride to Great Wilbraham

Nigel writes: Spring seems to have gone into temporary hibernation, and today had been damp and quite cold. So when I rode over to Brookside for this evening's ride I almost expected to find no-one else there. In the event I was joined by Tony and Mike K as well as newcomers Jim and John for what turned out to be quite a nice evening: still quite cold but remaining dry, and with plenty of sun towards the end.

Our route this evening was a clockwise loop to the south-east. We set off east out of Cambridge along the river to Fen Ditton and then along High Ditch Road to Quy. We continued through Bottisham to Swaffham Bulbeck. There was a slight tailwind and the five of us made good progress.

At Swaffham Bulbeck we turned east onto the long road that leads to Dullingham. Here we turned south-east onto Balsham Lane, the lovely lane that climbs gently up out of Dullingham and past the Woodland Cemetery.

The southern end of this road is called Grange Road and meets a road called Six Mile Bottom Road at a T-junction. Here we turned right for the long descent down Chilly Hill to Six Mile Bottom. By now the sun was shining brightly and it had turned into a beautiful (if cold) evening.

From Six Mile Bottom it was just a few miles further to Great Wilbraham, where we stopped at The Carpenters Arms. We were disappointed to discover that the only food available was soup or sandwiches. I ordered a drink and a soup and we had a relaxing half-hour in the pub before returning back to Cambridge via Fulbourn. I arrived back home at 9.50pm, having cycled 32 miles.

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