Sunday, 19 May 2013

19 May: Afternoon ride to Braughing

Peter writes: The weather forecast for Sunday was for a rather grey day, so the light cloud and occasional sun was a welcome surprise. As I made my way to Brookside I cycled across Jesus Green, where the blossom was in full bloom.

At 1.30 there were six of us ready to go: John E, John F, Andy, Daniel A, and new rider Graham on a recumbent, as well as myself.

Our ambition was to get down to the Pelhams and so we rode directly out of town through the Shelfords and Duxford to Ickleton. Here we turned left and tackled our first climb of the day on the road to Elmdon. Here are John and John enjoying a well-earned rest at the top.

Out of Elmdon we descended towards Duddenhoe End. The cherry tree in Elmdon was especially fine as you can see in these photos.

We wound through from Duddenhoe End to Langley Upper and Lower Green and on to Brent Pelham. Here I decided the lead the group through a short cut to Furneux Pelham which turned out to be rather an adventure! We perhaps should have been warned by the "Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles" and “Ford” signs. As we progressed we realised that in fact the lane was more like a river bed, and indeed after a while the ford materialized in the shape of a completely flooded track. However, I did a reconnaissance up the bank and realised that there was a quite serviceable path running along parallel to the "road". We hauled the bikes up and rode along for a mile or so before passing them down a human chain on to the road a few hundred yards from Furneux Pelham.

Unfortunately I was too busy to remember to take any photos but here is Graham, (more or less) still smiling at the end of it, with the track behind him and the bank we brought the bikes down to our right.

The remainder of the ride to Braughing was uneventful, and we all enjoyed an excellent tea. On the way back, Nigel led us a slightly different and longer route through the Pelhams, Arkesden and up a back lane to Catmere End. Lovely rolling countryside and by now it was quite sunny, and developing into a beautiful long early summer evening.

I finally arrived home at around 7.40pm, having cycled 57 miles (very respectable for an afternoon). Peter Hutchison

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