Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sign the petition to Get Britain Cycling

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) published its report "Get Britain Cycling" last month. The overall aim of this group is "to enable more people across the UK to take up cycling, cycle more often and cycle more safely". Our local MP, Julian Huppert - was co-chair of the group and a strong supporter of cycling.

Together with the Times, Sustrans, the AA and British Cycling, CTC is urging members to sign a joint petition on the Number 10 website which calls for the Government to implement the APPCG recommendations in full. Please add your name to the growing list of support. After an early surge the sign-up rate has slowed as the publicity has faded, so please give it a boost by signing up yourself now and also encouraging your friends and colleagues to sign up.

The report echoes the messages that cyclists and cycle campaigners have been voicing for years. It calls for a new priority for investing public funds towards cycling. The report calls for spending on cycling to be increased at least £10 per person per year, rising to £20 per year. The money should be used to support a radical transformation of our streets and roads, as well as training, promotion and marketing to shift the culture on our roads. In particular redesigning roads, extending lower speed limits, better training and better political leadership.

The political parties have publicly welcome the report, but so far they have not given any formal committment to implement the recommendations in the report. This petition has been created to enable us all to signal our support for the report.

The petition
Summary report and recommendations (pdf)
Full report (pdf)

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