Wednesday, 19 June 2013

19 Jun: Evening ride to Barrington

Gareth writes: It was a busy evening in town. King's, Magdalene, Pembroke and Trinity Hall were holding their May Balls (or in the case of Trinity Hall, their "June Event"), and the streets were full of students in ball gowns and black tie. There was a good turnout for the club ride too, with five riders at Brookside. Nigel was busy with work this evening, so I proposed that we go to Ickleton, climb Coploe Hill, and then head to Barrington via Fowlmere and Foxton.

It was a warm and muggy evening, but it was such a delight to be cycling in short sleeves after the cold spring that a bit of humidity didn't matter. We took the busway to Addenbrooke's, the DNA path to Great Shelford, NCN 11 to Sawston, and then the off-road path across the Cam to Whittlesford. At the level crossing the gates were down and we had to wait for two trains to pass.

Waiting at the level crossing near Sawston.

Coploe Hill is a fixture on these evening rides: it's always a pleasure to climb it, whatever the time of year. Tonight there was a lark singing somewhere in the green fields of wheat, and swifts darting here and there among the clouds of insects.

Climbing Coploe Hill.

Royston Lane is in poor repair after the hard winter, with potholes everywhere, but we made quick work of it, and soon we were descending past Chrishall Grange. At the Foxton level crossing we had to wait again, but just for one train this time, and we were at the Royal Oak in Barrington at about 20:05.

An excellent ride in good company: about 33 miles in all.

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  1. I really enjoyed this ride! Thanks for the fast tow down to Sawston Gareth! Graham