Sunday, 18 August 2013

18 Aug: Afternoon ride over to Over

Nigel writes: Today was another warm and sunny summer's day, though there was a persistent south-westerly wind. I rode over to Brookside just in time for the 2pm start of the afternoon ride and found eleven other riders getting ready to set off. Tina was our leader today. She led us west out of Cambridge along the Barton Road cycleway to Barton, where we turned onto the B1046 towards Comberton.

Lammas Land, Newnham

We rode through Comberton and continued to Toft and Bourn, where we briefly rested and waited for the group, which had become rather strung-out along the road, to reassemble.


At Bourn we turned north. After a few miles we crossed over the old A428 and continued to Knapwell. At the cross-roads just beyond Knapwell Tina decided that we would have time for an extra loop to the west through Elsworth.

West of Elsworth

West of Elsworth

at the B1040 junction

When we reached the B1040 we turned north yet again to Hilton where we turned onto quieter roads towards Fenstanton. When we reached Fenstanton we took the subway underneath the A14 and carried on through Fen Drayton and Swavesey to Over, where we stopped for a "home tea" at Mike's house there. The all-day ride was already there plus several other members who had ridden there directly.

After a very enjoyable tea we returned back to Cambridge via the busway cycleway. I arrived home at 6pm, having cycled 39 miles.

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  1. I got home at 6.30pm. I took the almost direct Road though Longstanton and Oakington. Wish I could have gone faster, but my age shows.
    The Tea was great. Nobody mentioned the Dog !
    Avery large but friendly animal