Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rides in September and October

Rupert writes: The September and October rides lists are now available. It's that transition time of the year when summer is ending and the days are getting shorter, and we plan to revisit a few of our favourite rides before the clocks change. These include a home tea in Royston in early October, to take advantage of the sunny weekend (sun-day is guaranteed; therms and weather conditions apply).

We need a few more of you to volunteer to lead a ride, to avoid having leaderless rides on Sundays. So far, all our Sunday rides have gone ahead as planned, thanks to members volunteering to lead on the day. But it is better to have advance leaders for all the rides. So first, thank you to everyone who has led a ride this year, including those last minute volunteers. But also a request all of you: please volunteer to lead a ride in September or October!

Nigel adds: our Wednesday evening rides continue each week until the end of September, after which they become monthly on the Wednesday closest to the full moon. Our first moonlit ride is on 16th October when we have a ride along the busway to one of our favourite pubs in Hemingford Abbots. Bring good lights!

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