Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11 Sep: Evening ride to Quy

Nigel writes: It was still dry when I left home for Brookside, but with rain forecast to arrive at any time I didn't expect to see anyone else at the start. Nevertheless when I arrived there I wasn't altogether surprised to find regulars John, Klaas and Jim waiting and looking forward to a ride.

By the time we were ready to begin it had started to drizzle, but I suggested we set off and see how we got on. We started by riding down Hills Road towards Addenbrooke's, enjoying its smooth new surface as well as a gentle tailwind. We turned left onto Wort's Causeway and climbed up onto the Gogs before dropping down on the other side to Fulbourn. By now it was raining properly but by now we were warmed up and ready to carry on.

We continued through Great and Little Wilbrahams to Six Mile Bottom. There we crossed the main road and climbed up the other side towards the cross-roads by the woodland cemetery. There we turned north to Dullingham. By now the rain was well established it was getting quite dark but we were in our stride and there was no point in turning back now, so when we reached Dullingham we turned west to Swaffham Bulbeck from where it was just a few more miles via Bottisham to Quy. We reached the White Swan in Quy at about 8.35pm, in good time to order food at this very friendly pub.

We sat in the pub for some time, drinking our drinks, eating our food, and dripping gently onto the carpet. Afterwards we rode back to Cambridge via Fen Ditton and the Jubilee Cycleway. I arrived back home at about 9.45pm, having cycled 30 miles.

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