Saturday, 5 October 2013

5 Oct: Saturday morning ride to Ickleton

Craig writes: This was my first as a ride leader and I was somewhat apprehensive. However, I arrived on Saturday morning to find 4 riders waiting at Brookside. By 10am this had quickly swollen to fourteen. After introductions we set off to Ickleton. The weather was dry, warm with a gentle breeze. Although the destination is some distance from Cambridge, I decided to ride out west along the Barton Road making good progress to Haslingfield and Harston.

About to leave

The group had become stretched out so we regrouped before crossing the A10 to Newton. We had a short rest at Newton before moving off towards Whittlesford turning sharp right towards the A505, Duxford and Ickleton.

Outside Newton

The clouds suddenly darkened and it began to spit with rain but we were close to the Riverside Barns and a welcomed coffee stop. We left after half an hour retracing our route back to Ickleton but then followed Cycle Route 11 through Duxford.


There had been a Local Cart Race in support of a Cancer Charity taking place in Duxford this morning but this did not hamper our progress to the A505.

Great Shelford crossing

The weather had now brightened and it was a pleasant ride back through to the Shelfords, along the busway and back to Cambridge. The route was 27 miles. Craig Hirons

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  1. Thank you, Craig, for leading the ride! It's great to have new leaders - hope you enjoyed it and will volunteer again for more rides in the future.