Sunday, 24 November 2013

24 Nov: Afternoon ride to St Ives

John writes: Nine cyclists (including two riding a tandem) met at Brookside at 1.30pm. The sky was overcast, threatening rain, and with a light north-westerly breeze. We encountered a few showers en route to St. Ives which were brief and light. Despite a 15 minute hold-up whilst the tandem riders repaired a front wheel puncture we arrived at the River Tea Rooms at the target time of 3:30 p.m.

Our route took us out of Cambridge along the Barton Road cycle path and thence through the villages of Comberton, Toft, Bourn, Knapwell and Conington. We encountered little traffic. After Conington we used the A14 underpass to Fenstanton and thence by the Lower Road towards the Hemingfords.

St. Ives was entered by the scenic route of London Road and the ancient town bridge. At the café we met a dozen or so other members who had been out with the day-riders or who had arrived independently. The High Street in the town was closed to traffic and a bustling street market was in progress.

After tea an enlarged group followed the busway back to Cambridge. The following breeze made for a brisk ride home. From my position at the rear I saw the flashing red lights become more and more extended into the distance. This was my first ride along the cycle track after dark and I was most impressed with the “runway” cats’ eyes. My GPS recorded a total distance of 32 miles on reaching home at 5.35pm.

For my next ride I must remember to bring pencil and paper to make a note of the names and since I cannot recall them all I have refrained from naming any on this occasion. Amongst us there were some new, or recent, joiners and we look forward particularly to meeting them on another ride soon. John Ferguson

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