Thursday, 5 December 2013

Rides in January and February

Our January and February rides lists are now available and they contain a big change to our Sunday rides. On most Sundays during these winter months there will just be one ride which we describe as a "Sunday winter ride". There won't be a separate afternoon ride.

This new Sunday winter ride will start at 9.30am at Brookside and will stop for morning coffee at about 11am before continuing on to lunch at about 1pm. Afterwards the ride will return directly to Cambridge, aiming to get back before dark without an afternoon tea stop.

If you currently join the afternoon rides, or simply prefer a shorter ride, you are encouraged to join the first leg of these winter rides and then return to Cambridge after the coffee stop. There won't be an official leader for the journey home from coffee, but if you check with the leader at the start we will try to arrange for you to have company on the ride home.

On one Sunday each month our normal pattern of separate all-day and afternoon rides will return, with tea stops in members' houses close to Cambridge. These home teas are always a popular treat and worth the short ride home back in the dark!

This change reflects the type of ride many people already enjoy and we hope the ride will appeal to new riders who don't like riding in the dark. For more information about our rides on Sundays see here.

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