Thursday, 23 January 2014

23 Jan: Thursday ride to Anglesey Abbey and Kentford

Edward writes: Today was meant to be a ride out to Landwades Park at Kentford via Anglesey Abbey but the weather intervened enough to make us have second thoughts. An hour or so before we met at Hauxton Green the weather was fine - some sun and not too much wind. By the time the fourteen who came to the start got under way a light rain had already started and this soon became a steady rain as we made our way through Great Shelford.

We went along the DNA path to the hospital and at this point Tony and Sue wisely decided a trip home was a more appealing option than going on to Anglesey Abbey. The rain and the wind, which was picking up now, made us feel ‘cold to the bone’ and there were many misgivings about the wisdom of carrying on. But carry on we did and we arrived in Fulbourn and briefly considered using a cafe in the village, but stouter hearts prevailed and we moved on through the Wilbrahams, over a very busy A14 and briefly onto the A1303 for the turning into Bottisham. This just left us with the mile or so into Lode and Anglesey Abbey which today was a very welcoming sight and unsurprisingly wasn’t very busy.

Anglesey Abbey

When we arrived the first priority was to try and get warm and to dry some of our clothes - a Dyson hand drier proved an invaluable tool. Much use was made of the underfloor heating and Averil and Sarah (see picture) tried a novel way to get warm! Slowly we got warmer but there was little enthusiasm for carrying on and the majority decided that a return home to Cambridge would be the best thing to do. However this didn’t stop Rupert and Adrian, both of whom had arrived at coffee independently, along with Peter Wi deciding to carry on and go for lunch at Landwades Park. This left about eight of us to head back to Cambridge which we did by way of Stow-cum-Quay, along Newmarket Road and into Fen Ditton. This gave us a ride alongside the river passing Stourbridge Common, Midsummer Common and Jesus Lock and eventually along the Backs.

Sarah, Averil and baby Florian

It's always disappointing to miss out on a ride as we only cycled a mere 27 miles and how annoying is this the afternoon weather produced clear blue skies! Edward Elmer

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