Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Proposed cycleways on Hills Road and Huntingdon Road - last opportunity to make your views known!

There are only a few days left to respond to the public consultation on the County Council's proposals for major changes to the cycle lanes on Hills Road and Huntingdon Road in Cambridge. These will be the first cycle lanes in Cambridge that will provide a physical separation from motor vehicles while also giving the cycle lanes priority over side roads.

Three alternatives are proposed with different degrees of separation between cycles and motor vehicles. Option 1 is for a 2.1m cycle lane with a 0.6m kerb between the road and lane. Option 2 is for a 2.7m cycle lane which is "raised" above the carriageway but with no other separation. Option 3 is a combination of the two. In all cases the cycle lane will narrow to 1.5m at bus stops.

For more information see our article on the two schemes, visit the council's website and respond to the council's consultation by Monday 7th April.

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