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15 May: Evening ride to Quy

Nigel writes: Tonight was a lovely warm evening, with bright sunshine lasting all the way to sunset. And with the sun setting at 8:45pm at this time of year, this meant that we were not only able to complete our entire two-hour ride to the pub in bright sunshine, but we were able to sit in the sun outside the pub as well.

On the ride tonight were Gareth, Jim, Conrad, John D and me, with Ben joining us when we reached Fulbourn. Also out this evening were Eva, Cheryl and Carol, though would be making their own way to the pub stop and we would see them later.

Our route was a familiar anticlockwise loop, leaving Cambridge along Hills Road as far as Addenbrookes and then along Wort's Causeway over the Gogs to Fulbourn. There we were joined by Ben. The six of us continued through Great and Little Wilbraham to Six Mile Bottom. As with most of the evening rides this summer, the pace was fairly brisk but with perfect weather and very little wind it was a delight to be out.

At Six Mile Bottom we turned right along the main road for a short distance before turning left onto the road that past Lark Hall to Wadlow Farm, with a dozen tall stationary wind turbines dominating the hillside on our right, and Chilly Hill on our left.

At the top of Chilly Hill. Photo: Gareth Rees

At Wadlow Farm we turned left towards Weston Colville for half a mile before turning north towards Dullingham. The three miles of quiet lane between here and Dullingham, passing the Woodland Cemetery along the way, are amongst my favourite in the area. Half-way along this section we passed Eva, Cheryl and Carol riding the other way.

At the crossroads near the Woodland Cemetery

At Dullingham we turned west towards Swaffham Bulbeck. This took is past Dullingham station where we had to wait at the crossing for several minutes for a train to arrive, disgorge a handful of passengers and continue again on its long journey to Harwich.

Dullingham Station, and the 2000 departure to Harwich

On the long road from Dullingham to Swaffham Bulbeck the group fragmented, with Gareth, Jim and Ben disappearing into the distance and me and John following on behind. After reaching Swaffham Bulbeck we rode on to Bottisham and a few minutes later arrived at the White Swan in Quy at 8.31pm, almost exactly on time.

Already at the pub were Eva, Cheryl and Carol. The temperature was falling so they sat inside the pub whilst the rest of us sat outside to enjoy the final few minutes of sun with our drinks and bowls of chips.


After half an hour or so of pleasant chat we put on an extra layer, switched on our lights and set off back towards Cambridge. I arrived home at 9.45pm, having cycled 33 miles.

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