Wednesday, 16 July 2014

16 Jul: Evening ride to Barton

Nigel writes: This evening's ride consisted of just Gareth and me, on a hot, dry and somewhat overcast evening. Tonight's pub stop was in Barton, and Gareth suggested we take a different route than usual, an anticlockwise loop which took us west through Coton, Hardwick, Bourn and Caxton to Great Gransden before returning back east again along the B1046 through Longstowe, Bourn, Toft and Comberton to Barton.

Despite the heat it was a lovely quiet evening, with a slight westerly breeze and almost completely empty roads. Once we had left Cambridge and climbed the hill to Hardwick our pace was fast (our moving average speed for the whole ride was 16.9mph), and we reached the White Horse pub in Barton at about 8.15pm, a quarter of an hour early. We ordered drinks and a bowl of chips for me and sat outside in the garden.

A few minutes later we were joined by Alasdair and Sarah, who just happened to be visiting the pub and had spotted my Airnimal in the bike racks. After a pleasant half hour Gareth and I set off back towards Cambridge. It was still light and the setting sun was still visible over our left shoulder. I arrived home at 9.14pm, a minute before sunset, having cycled a rather fast 31 miles.

Download GPS track (GPX).

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