Thursday, 22 January 2015

22 Jan: Thursday ride to Cambourne and St Neots

Edward writes: A cold, raw morning greeted the twenty riders who assembled at Haslingfield Green for our ride out to St. Neots taking in Cambourne en route.

Today we were to be led by John F and as part of his leadership duties he provided us with a route for the ride which, of course, is very useful for anybody who may become separated from the main group.


We left Haslingfield under the leaden sky which was to prevail for most of the day with a temperature which rose from 2 degrees to a positively balmy 5 degrees later in the day. We went through Harlton and onto Washpit Lane to find the road was covered in mud as we passed the farm and then it became cleaner as we ran up to the A603 for the turning into Comberton.


Although it was cold there was hardly any wind as we arrived in Comberton and on the way in spotted some daffodils making an early appearance. Spring is next! We turned out of Comberton for the long climb up to Hardwick where we turned to go along the St Neots old road and finally into Cambourne for coffee. Although Morrisons was the designated stop quite a few chose to go into the nearby cafe of Green's instead. At coffee we were joined by Ian W, Mike B, Eva, Sarah and Andy, although, as usual, several returned home after the break.


We left Cambourne, over the A428, and headed into the country and here it felt particularly cold as we approached Elsworth. Although cold and not much colour about the wintry scene still has its attractions.


We left Elsworth and reached the B1040 for the road into Hilton and then, after crossing the A1198, on to the beautifully surfaced road to Graveley where the giant wind turbines loom large over the village. After climbing out of Graveley we headed down to Offord D'Arcy where we turned from going almost due west to almost due south as we rode along side the River Great Ouse and the East Coast Main Line. This took us through Great Paxton and soon after we ran into the environs of St. Neots, today's destination for lunch at the Ambiance Cafe. Thursday is Market day in St Neots making it quite a tricky process to weave our way through all the traffic.

St Neots

St Neots

As usual those with sandwiches sat outside and were warmed for brief seconds as the sun tried its best to make an appearance, but everyone soon went inside for a hot drink. After lunch at 1.30 pm we said goodbye to those making their separate ways home and the remaining thirteen headed off over the meadows and housing estates in order to get to the Abbotsley road. After two miles we reached Abbotsley and then on to Great Gransden and now into familiar territory as we headed easterly towards Caxton and Bourn.



Next it was Toft, Comberton and Barton where we brought the ride to an end at the Coton roundabout to enable people to take their own routes home, the time being 3.30 pm.


This gave us a round trip since leaving Haslingfield of 48 miles, just right for a winter's ride and our thanks to John for once again giving us such a good day out. Edward Elmer

Download GPS track (GPX).

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