Wednesday, 7 January 2015

7 Jan: Evening ride to Barton

Nigel writes: Only three days after the sub-zero freeze of last Sunday, today was a very mild day and when I rode across to Brookside for this evening's ride the temperature was a relatively balmy 8C. There was a strong south-westerly wind, and rain was forecast to arrive later on, but for now it was a dry and not unpleasant night.

There were four riders at Brookside for tonight's ride: Gareth, Alex, Neil and me, with Chris due to join us along the way.

Our route this evening was a triangular route that took us south along the busway and DNA path to Great Shelford and from there through Stapleford to Sawston. After picking up Chris we turned west along the cycleway to Whittlesford before turning north-west through Newton, Harston, Haslingfield and the Eversdens to Kingston.

Gareth and Chris (with illuminated front wheel)

For most of the ride so far we had either a headwind or a strong blusterly side wind, which slowed us down somewhat, so it was nice to be able to join the B1046 just beyond Kingston and turn east and speed along with the wind behind us through Toft and Comberton to Barton, where we stopped for drinks and bowls of chips at The White Horse.

Alex, Gareth, Chris and Neil

Afterwards we continued the short distance east to Cambridge. With the wind still behind us, and with no sign of the promised rain, this was a fast and brief ride and I arrived home at 9.30pm, having cycled 29 miles.

Download GPS track (GPX).

Our next evening ride is on Wednesday 4th February, when we cycle along the busway (flooding permitting) to Hemingford Abbots for more beer and chips (details).

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