Thursday, 26 March 2015

26 Mar: Thursday ride to Lode and Kentford

Belinda writes:
The forecast today was for a very rainy morning and a gradually brightening afternoon and that rain may have deterred some riders from setting out. This led to just 4 riders leaving Hauxton under dark skies but happily minimal precipitation. Richard was the leader for today's ride to Anglesey Abbey and Lanwades Park and he set out along with Mike C, Sharon and John E.

This select group made their way to Great Shelford, Fulbourn, The Wilbrahams and Bottisham before arriving at Anglesey Abbey at 10.45 with a report of no more than a few spots of drizzle! Here they were joined by an assortment of riders who had arrived there from varying corners of the region and by varying means. These were Ian, Belinda, Averil, David M, John J, Rupert, Peter W, Jacob and Adrian.

Anglesey Abbey Cafe

After the usual tasty National Trust cake and coffee, Richard organised the 13-strong group in preparation of the two-hour ride to lunch at Lanwades Park. The route was along the pleasant traffic free tracks of the Lodes Way through the fenland amongst some lapwings and skylarks to Burwell.

Lodes Way

John J left us to return home so the remaining dozen riders continued to Exning and then to Newmarket and along the upmarket Hamilton Road where we came across a few twitchy racehorses returning to their plush stables after training. From here to Moulton before arriving at The Animal Health Trust Visitor Centre at Lanwades Park at about 1.15 in time to say hello to Craig and Frances who had dropped in to greet us. Fortunately it was dry and warm enough for half the group to eat their sandwiches in the courtyard before joining the rest of the group in the cafe for tea and more cake!

Lanwades Park

Here we had the first puncture of the day. Fortunately Ian managed to do his repair during lunch and was ready by the time everyone had finished eating.

The return route was via Gazeley and Ashley where half the group had a 10 minute break at the pond in Ashley while the other half viewed or assisted with fixing puncture number 2!


Onwards through Cheveley and on to puncture number 3 where Mike C as ever was on hand to assist David M. The group decided to split in half while repairs were ongoing as some were returning north to Anglesey Abbey or north Cambridge and some were heading more south so we said our goodbyes and continued via Wood Ditton, Stetchworth and Dullingham where Rupert enjoyed being recipient of puncture number 4!


Puncture no. 4

At least the sun was now out and we could observe his fairly quick handiwork with Adrian’s assistance but not before the other puncture group had caught us up! We really did split up after this and headed into an ever more blustery north westerly wind towards Anglesey Abbey while Richard led his group back towards Shelford.

Thanks to Richard for an interesting route and for managing to keep the rain clouds at bay! It probably was about a 60 mile round trip today. Belinda Borneo

Download track (GPX).


  1. Nice piece but no mention of the almost did for me on my return! I can't believe the rubber damage and not on the 'off-road' sections either!

    1. Sorry John, I'd forgotten that we had the wind out our back on the way to lunch.!