Wednesday, 1 April 2015

1 Apr: Evening ride to Hemingford Abbots

Nigel writes: We're now in summer time, so it was still broad daylight when I cycled across to Brookside for this evening's spin along the busway.

The weather was dull and overcast, with a moderate westerly wind and rain forecast for later in the evening, but despite the unpromising forecast I had three companions for the ride: John R, Neil S and Daniel.

We set off through the city centre, up Castle Hill, and along Huntington Road (where I paused to inspect the new cycleway being constructed on the other side of the road). At Girton Corner we turned right towards Girton and a few minutes later joined the busway at New Road Histon (sometimes referred to as "Histon West"). We followed the busway all the way to St Ives and then cycled through the town centre to pick up the Thicket Path to Houghton. With sunset at 7.30pm this evening we were able to ride all the way to St Ives before turning on our lights.

Joining the busway at Histon west

From Houghton we crossed the meadows to Hemingford Abbots and arrived at the Axe and Compasses right on time at 8pm. Already at the pub was Paul D, and after a few minutes we were joined by Ian W, making a total of six . We ordered drinks and baskets of chips and spent a very pleasant half hour in the pub before setting off for home.

On the way back we encountered a few matches of drizzle but they never amounted to much. It was still dry when I reached home in Cambridge just after 10pm, having cycled 36 miles.

Download GPS track (GPX).

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