Sunday, 26 April 2015

26 Apr: Sunday ride to St Neots and Biggleswade

Alex writes: Maybe it was the dull weather, or maybe members were keeping their powder dry for next week's cycling jaunt in Suffolk, but only three of us assembled as Brookside for this morning's ride: me, Ian D and John Ross (today's ride leader).

Undaunted, we struck out through the centre of town, up Castle Hill and out through Girton, soon joining the Cambridge/St Ives busway heading West. The sky was leaden and there were spits of moisture in the air. In bird news, John pointed out a White Throat and Warblers warbled at us from the reeds.

And above them the sky

At Fenstanton, John took us left onto a new-to-the-club track, which was rough and gravelly, requiring concentration to thread through the potholes. Soon we re-joined the tarmac and continued West on the pleasantly quiet roads. In one of the many groups of cyclists passing on the other side of the road, suddenly one started waving at us: it was John J, out for a practice ride in preparation for a charity event.

Shortly after 11 o’clock we reached St Neots and, pulling up at market square, found 10 other members already settled in at the Market CafĂ©.

St Neots, Market Square

No cake here. I ordered a bacon baguette and watched with some jealously as Ian D devoured a stack of bacon and sausage sandwiches - with brown sauce.

Alas, not mine!

The weather was still dull, but David W was counteracting it with his fluoro argyle socks.

The fashion bar is raised

After the usual comings and goings, seven of us were to head on to lunch. Richard led us neatly out of St Neots and onto more remarkably quiet country lanes heading towards Biggleswade. As usual, Adrian decided to find some adventure for himself by going offroad for an alternative route and a taste of the “rough stuff”.

South of Duloe

At Jordan’s Mill I was tempted to roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, and then further tempted to some Victoria Sponge and coffee. Over the meal it transpired that no member much fancied going on to tea in Ashwell, and so we resolved all to head home our separate ways.

Sunday lunch

I stuck with John who took us south, across the A1, and then on to Gamlingay on roads which remained pleasantly sparse of motor vehicles. We passed a hovering kestrel and a soaring buzzard. John set a good brisk pace and before long we arrived in Toft where we split, with me heading back to Cambridge through Barton; when I arrived home I had cycled 123km (76 miles).

Download GPS track (GPX).


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