Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29 Apr: Evening ride to Barton

Nigel writes: A shower of rain at about 6.15pm made me contemplate staying at home, but I quickly remembered that I was the designated leader and so put on my rain gear and set off for Brookside. I wasn't really expecting anyone else to be out, but when I reached the start point I found Alex there, making just two of us for this evening's ride.

We set off west out of Cambridge, taking the Coton path to Coton. Almost as soon as we had started, the rain stopped and the clouds vanished. Although it was nice to be back in sunshine, we were now riding directly into a low, bright, sun and the glare reflected from the wet road was a little uncomfortable.

Madingley Hill

After a stop in Coton to remove rain gear we climbed Madingley Hill and turned onto the old St Neot's Road towards Hardwick. After a further stop to remove overshoes we continued west along the old St Neot's Road to the Bourn turn. We turned left towards Bourn and then a mile later turned west to Caxton. From there we continued to Great Gransden, where we paused for a couple of minutes outside the windmill before continuing on to Little Gransden.

Post mill at Great Gransden

Little Gransden marked the westerly limit of our ride, where we turned south and then east towards Longstowe, Bourn, Toft, Comberton and finally Barton. There was a light westerly breeze so we made rapid progress on this homeward stretch and arrived at the White Horse ten minutes early at about 8.20pm.

Outside the pub Ian W was waiting for us, and the three of us went inside to order drinks...

and I ordered a light snack....

With Barton being so close to Cambridge we were in no hurry to rush home, but after a pleasant half hour relaxing in the pub we set off back along the Barton Road cycleway to Cambridge. It was still dry but was rather cold and I was glad that I had come out slightly overdressed. I arrived home at 9.35pm, having cycled 32 miles.

Download GPS track (GPX).

All photos by Alex Brown.

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