Wednesday, 24 June 2015

24 Jun: Evening ride to Hemingford Abbots

John writes: With Nigel being away on holiday I had volunteered to lead this evening's ride to the Axe and Compass at Hemingford Abbots. Cycling through the centre of Cambridge I quickly became aware of black gowns and formal party attire galore attended in many cases by very proud looking parents - it was graduation time so getting through the centre was slow and precarious.

Arriving at Brookside I found John J, John E, Alex, Sven, Chris E and Neil so the seven of us set off to follow the usual route up Castle Hill, onto Huntingdon Road, across through Girton and onto the Guided Busway.

It is always a pleasure to get onto the busway as this is how cycling should be - NO vehicles!, BUT there were literally swarms of insects in the air which took a firm liking to my bright yellow cycling top.

We made our way steadily up to St Ives where we joined the Thicket path which took us into Houghton. From there it was a matter of crossing the river at the Mill then across the meadows into Heemingford Abbots and drawing into the pub carpark at 8pm. Already here was Paul which made our group eight. We all spent a delightful 45 minutes sat outside in the balmy evening conditions with a drink (or two) and a bowl of chips (with Alex having his obligatory Burger + chips).

It was soon time to head off on the run back home and so lights donned we cycled back through the Hemingfords into St Ives and back down the Busway. The round trip was the usual 35 miles. John Ross

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