Sunday, 26 July 2015

26 Jul: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken

John writes: As I waited at Brookside I watched a stream of waterproof-clad cyclists winkle their way through the log-jammed traffic towards Midsummer Common, the endpoint of the Bike Events London-Cambridge bike ride.

Only two companions (John E and Simon) joined me in the steady drizzle for the ride to Wicken. We reached the Addenbrookes site via Alpha Terrace in Trumpington and left it via Red Cross Lane to climb Wort's Causeway with a magnificent view over the rain-sodden countryside. Traffic was very light: perhaps it was all in the Cambridge logjam!

We reached Wicken Methodist Chapel at 4 o'clock precisely, having cycled through Fulbourn, the Wilbrahams, Bottisham, the Swaffhams (where the rain increased to a deluge), Burwell and Wicken Fen.

The chapel was busy but we were the only cyclists. This was my first visit and what a treat it was! Cakes magnificent in quantity and quality had been prepared by Ida. Simon is a regular customer here - and no wonder.

After tea the rain had increased with cold squalls across the fens. From the Lower Road the usually splendid view of Ely Cathedral was obscured in grey rain clouds. We joined the Lode Cycle Way after Upware. Somewhere along this route Simon left us for a riparian route to his houseboat. From Lode, John and I agreed to take the direct route to Quy which had only light traffic. On Midsummer Common the Bike Events tents were being dismantled.

I was home at 6pm precisely having cycled 37 miles (This is approximate as my ancient GPS doesn't like foul weather and had gone to sleep in protest. It's time to buy a new one). John Ferguson

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