Sunday, 16 August 2015

16 Aug: Afternoon ride to Swavesey

John writes: Twelve cyclists set off from Brookside at 2pm in perfect cycling conditions with the enticing prospect of a home tea. Ray was today's leader and I was La Lanterne Rouge (note the French assignation of the feminine gender!)

On reaching The Plough in Coton we were joined by Jacob to make numbers up to a baker's dozen. Via Hardwick and Toft we reached Bourn. I was so far in the rear that I failed to follow Ray leading the group via Caxton End. However after a short delay we were all back together on Bourn hill where the windmill was open but we had no time for sightseeing.

Preparing to set off from Brookside

In Caxton we passed the old Cross Keys pub where we used to stop occasionally for Sunday afternoon teas. The pub is now a Thai restaurant.

Ray led us through Papworth which I hadn't visited before on CTC rides. Normally the roads thereabouts are too busy but, the football season having started with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City all playing, many motorists were presumably watching Sky!

We now had a delightful rural run through Elsworth, approached from Rogue's Lane, Boxworth to chez Ross at Swavesey. Despite the all-day-riders having beaten us there by 20 minutes there was still a sumptuous feast awaiting us in the very attractive garden.

Tea at John's house in Swavesey

Many thanks to our hosts Fiona and John. After tea Ray decided to take an indirect route to Cambridge via Over so most of us joined the all-day riders and sped homewards down the busway cycle path.

This was a delightful Sunday ride with an unusual route, perfect weather and a splendid tea withal. John Ferguson

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