Sunday, 30 August 2015

30 Aug: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken

Peter writes: I arrived at Brookside a few minutes early on a dull afternoon when it was not quite raining, to find Mike, John E and Simon already there. After an inspection of Simon's tyre, we concluded that it would not survive the ride, and he headed off home to put on a spare. Just as we were about to set off, Stan pulled up. So we were four...

I led the group down Trumpington Road, via the busway to Worts Causeway and up the hill towards Fulbourn, having reassured Stan that this was the only real hill on the way today and so he wouldn’t have any trouble with his single-speed bike (and he didn't). Having enjoyed the well-earned downhill into Fulbourn, we continued through the Wilbrahams to Bottisham, Lode and on to the Lodes Way.

The track here is very well drained, and it was all relatively dry, even the rough stretch leading up to the bridge over Reach Lode. The rain came and went, but was never heavy enough to bother us, as the day was mild, it was very pleasant cycling. After carrying our bikes over the footbridge at Burwell Lode (with some muttering about it was past time there was a proper bridge for cyclists) it didn't take long to get to St Laurence's Church for tea and cakes – excellent cakes. Helen's walnut and lemon is especially recommended.

Crossing Burwell Lode

After tea, Eva joined Mike, Stan and myself to ride back into Cambridge. We decided that the Lodes Way deserved a second go and so went back that way. I was home at around 6.15pm, having cycled a very pleasant 39 miles in weather which was a lot friendlier than forecast. Peter Hutchison

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