Sunday, 20 September 2015

21 Sep: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken Fen

John writes: Perfect weather tempted ten members to join the ride to the National Trust cafe at Wicken Fen.

A direct route there would be too short so Ray, today's leader, took us through the Addenbrooke's site and up Wort's Causeway with fine views over the county into Fulbourn. From there we winkled our way on largely traffic-free lanes through the Wilbrahams, Bottisham, the Swaffhams and into Reach.


At Reach Joanna, whom we hadn't seen for some time, left us and the nine remaining continued into Burwell, down Dyson's Drove and reached Wicken Fen by the Lode's Way cycle route. There we met several of the day-riders with whom we enjoyed tea 'al fresco' in the late afternoon sunshine.

Tea at Wicken Fen

After tea the group was reconstituted without some of our outward bound companions but with the addition of a few of the all-day riders. We took the back route westwards through Wicken village, with fine views of Ely Cathedral, and across the fens via Upware to Lode.

En route Simon and two others left us for an off-road route home. Now reduced to four – Ray, Neal, John E and John F - we returned to Cambridge via Bottisham, Quy and Fen Ditton and across Sheep's Green.

A permanent resident at Wicken Fen

This was a splendid ride of about 40 miles - and what a change from my last ride to Wicken (26th July) which took place with two companions - John E and Simon - through relentless rain. John Ferguson

Download GPS track (GPX). Track recorded by Ray Miller

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