Sunday, 22 November 2015

22 Nov: Sunday afternoon ride to St Ives

Simon writes: This is my first ever blog as a registered CTC ride leader. In no small part do I have Ray and John F to thank; they encouraged me to make this move by showing a commitment to continue Sunday afternoon rides through the winter. In addition I'd like to thank Rupert for his support since I became an ad-hoc leader on a ride to the Chestnut Tree in West Wratting earlier in the summer.

Today was one of those I like to call a "Piccadilly Circus", ride when lots of people join or leave at mid-way junctions. (I’m very happy to accommodate this where practical, by the way).

The afternoon’s sunny outlook brought out Ian W, John E and Susan, as well as a phone call from Steve to ask if he could join us on the Coton footpath. "Russian Stan" had also arranged to join us in Coton.

I always find the gentle but everlasting climb up the Old Saint Neots road a bit heavy going so early in a ride, but necessary for the plan. Ian peeled off near the Knapwell junction to do birthday duties in Cambourne, leaving us to take a fairly direct route to the Hemingfords. I made two wrong turns and found an extra “Meadow Lane” just before the Axe & Compass much to Susan's delight. I was looking for the Meadow Lane that leads onto the cattle grazed common so as to enjoy the enchanting scenery at Houghton Mill and the woodland feel of the Thicket before dropping back into St Ives.

Tea in the River Tea Rooms

At the River Tea Rooms we were very pleasantly joined by Jacob H and also and Simon D, who originally introduced me to Peter Hunt and the CTC Junior Saturday afternoon rides some 38 years previously. Doesn’t time fly?

After a streamlined, tail-winded, zip back along the busway with Jacob, Steve and Susan, I arrived back at my boat at Baits Bite Lock near Milton at 5.20pm having done enough miles to confuse a £10 Argos cycle computer. So no change to the Eddington number this week I’m afraid.Simon Galloway

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  1. My Fen Ditton to St Ives circuit was 39 miles including a loop to Elsworth but excluding a loop to Houghton Mill. Unfortunately business at my house detained me until after 4pm so no sign of anyone when I passed the Tea Rooms, though not long after 5.30pm when I arrived back in Fen Ditton with light drizzle catching me towards end of Busway. Ian W