Saturday, 19 December 2015

19 Dec: Saturday social ride to Barton

Ian writes: It may have been a little overcast initially but as soon as the sun appeared it was quite conceivable the temperature rose to around 15C as forecast, so remarkably mild for the time of year for this final social ride of 2015.

Arriving somewhat last minute it was good to see Tom, Lorraine, Angela, David, Phil, Craig and Simon G patiently waiting, so without much further ado we were soon heading towards Trumpington to access the rather exposed meadows by Byron's Pool car park. Today any dog walking activity was well away from the gravel tracks so there was only the headwind to slow progress as we made our way to rejoin the A10 by Hauxton Mill.

Fortunately the cyclepath through Harston wasn't at all busy so it was just a case of attempting to avoid the worst of the bumpy surface before regaining the road heading to Haslingfield as the going became easier with more shelter.

This situation ever improved as we looped round through Harlton. Reaching Comberton it was a tailwind pushing us nicely along to our coffee stop at Romano's Kitchen, just opened at Burwash Manor. Upon arrival we were greeted by the new proprietor of the tearooms and welcomed inside.

Fruit scones with tea was the most popular choice of our group today and after a leisurely half hour or so, around midday we reassembled for the short return into Cambridge, thus a slightly shorter route at 16 miles.

Thanks to all those who have supported these rides this year, which we decided shall resume next year on 2 Jan so see you then and in the meantime enjoy the festive break. Ian Wright.

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