Sunday, 20 December 2015

20 Dec: Sunday afternoon ride to Ashdon

John writes: For the last official ride of 2015 I was joined by five riders. But for a fresh southerly breeze the weather would have been perfect for a winter ride.

I was somewhat alarmed on calling the museum to be told there was a staff party for the final opening of the year and there might be nothing to eat by our ETA of 3.15 p.m. I was also told we would have to sit outside.


We set off, despite this discouraging exordium, following our route of 13 September along the river bank to Fen Ditton and thence to Dullingham via Quy, Bottisham and Swaffham Bulbeck. After a brief pause at the tree pruned to a big Y, rapidly acquiring a covering of ivy, we turned southwards. This route is a favourite of mine being very rural and high affording good views and passing only two villages (West Wratting and Bartlow).

But the headwind slowed us considerably so we reached the museum between 3.30pm and 3.50pm (ten minutes before closing). We also ran into a brief shower which none of us had seen forecast. However there were plenty of cakes and tea and, having got quite heated battling into the wind, we did not mind an al fresco refreshment.

There too were John Seton (who had been to see a film about the unmasking of Lance Armstrong), Steve and another Simon from Cambourne whom we had met at Waresley two Sundays previously.


It was now getting dark very rapidly and we were also getting chilly so we set off taking the direct route back to Cambridge via Barton, Linton, Abington, Babraham, Sawston. Through these villages our way was lit by numerous Christmas decorations and the powerful cycle lights that are now available. At Stapleford John E suggested we make for the Genome path via Chursh Street and Mingle Lane (one of the most expensive road in East Anglia!).

From Addenbrookes we followed the guided busway cycle path to the station. I had previously left the path at Long Road but the final stretch to the station is now very good, being wide, well-surfaced and lit. I was home at 5.50pm having cycled approximately 40 miles. John Ferguson

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