Friday, 11 December 2015

CTC Cambridge calls for justice for Michael Mason

CTC Cambridge is supporting the Justice for Michael Mason appeal with a £200 donation, and is inviting members and everyone else to support it too. 70-year old Michael Mason was cycling home through Central London when he was hit by a car, and subsequently died.

The driver admitted at inquest that she couldn’t explain her failure to see him, even though he was directly in front of her when she ran into him. However the Metropolitan Police has refused to pass the case to the CPS for possible prosecution. A complaint to the police Professional Standards Board upheld the police's decision. Their report cited as areas which support the rationale for this decision the fact that Mick Mason was wearing dark clothing (the collision having taken place during hours of darkness) and not wearing a cycle helmet.

The Cyclists' Defence Fund, a charity linked to CTC, campaigns for the proper administration of justice for cycling and cyclists, and is supporting Michael Mason's family in their campaign for justice. They are seeking to raise £75,000 to fund a potential private prosecution, of which about half has been raised so far. Please donate to the CDF's appeal here.

You can read more about the case here and here.

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