Sunday, 24 January 2016

24 Jan: Sunday afternoon ride to St Ives

Susan writes: Six of us met at Brookside last Sunday afternoon for the cycle to St Ives: John F, Simon, Ray, Neil, me and Sherly, who was joining us for the first time. It was a good day for it: warm-ish with occasional sun.

We set off crossing Parker's Piece heading towards the Green Dragon bridge and then on to the towpath leading to Bait's Bite lock and Waterbeach. This was my first time leading to the group and I quickly discovered there was more to it than meets the eye and that I had to FOCUS with 5 riders following me... especially through Cambridge.

At Brookside

The towpath was very busy as it was a beautiful afternoon for January and progress was slow.

Bait's Bite Lock

We came off the towpath at Waterbeach and were heading towards crossing the A10 when Sherly developed a puncture which Simon mended rapidly, supervised, of course, by the rest of us.


We passed through Longbeach, Cottenham, Rampton, Willingham and Over, before heading south to Swavesey, crossing over the guided bus route. We then headed through Fen Drayton and Fenstanton. We had intended cycling through the Hemingfords, however, time caught up with us and we had to make a choice between tea at River Tea Rooms or the additional Hemingford loop. Tea won! Though, sadly, as we didn’t arrive there until 3.30pm anyway, they had run out of their delicious scones, jam and cream tea. I had been looking forward to this for a good part of the ride!

Tea in St Ives

Tea in St Ives

After tea, we cycled to the guided bus route for a straight run back to Cambridge. The total ride was about 42 miles. As I said before, this was my first time leading the group and I'd like to thank Simon for coming out with an injured shoulder and co-leading. Susan Goodrich

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