Monday, 22 February 2016

Rides in March and April

We're pleased to announce our rides lists for March and April, with up to seven rides each week.

During March our main Sunday rides will continue to start at 9.30am as they have throughout the winter. Then from Sunday 3rd April (a week after the clocks change) the start time will change to 9.00am and our rides will become slightly longer to reflect the earlier start and the lengthening days. Our Sunday afternoon rides will continue to start at 1.00pm, though the time of our afternoon tea stop will change to 3.30pm to allow us a slightly longer ride.

Our rides on Thursdays have become so popular that we have recently experimented with "split starts", with both village and city centre starts points but the same coffee and lunch stops. This has proven to be very successful and we're going to continue with this approach. Introducing the additional start point gives us more manageable numbers of riders in each group and is also more convenient for Cambridge residents. However one consequence is that we now need twice as many ride leaders!

In addition our senior cyclists' group continues to meet for lunch every Tuesday, our leisurely Saturday morning rides continue twice a month, and our Wednesday evening rides become weekly from 30th March.

We aim to have a leader listed for every one of our rides, so please contact Rupert, runs secretary, if you are able to lead a ride.

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