Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 Mar: Sunday ride to Gamlingay and Wyton

Alex writes: A number of members had ridden the Cambridge Spring Dash and Cambridge Pork Pie audaxes on Saturday and I had tried to sell the idea of the Sunday ride as a "recovery ride". But there were no takers, so it was only fresh-legged companions who joined me at Brookside: Greg, Jerry, Li, Rupert and English Seb.

Approaching Bourn

We took a straightforward route to coffee, eschewing any hills; it's a ride leader's privilege to design them out of the route, especially when he has tired legs.

When we reached Bourn Greg was powering up an incline when his chain snapped and unfurled onto the road. Luckily, Rupert seemed to have a wide range of chain repairing tools and items and so, with a new 9-speed link inserted we got under way again.


The early haze had burned off and it had become a beautiful Spring day with warming sun and a fresh breeze - pleasantly different from the dark damp weather we'd had yesterday on the audaxes. After some initial aches my legs had loosened and seemed to be enjoying a spin.

On Long Lane

At Gamlingay we found Adrian, David W and John S. The mechanical had delayed us a bit, and a slightly longer-than-usual wait for bacon sandwiches delayed us further. Since Wyton was quite a distance away, we'd be arriving for a late lunch. Still, there was no hurry and the sunshine made for very pleasant cycling as we worked our way North. At Fenstanton David W got a puncture, and since he didn't much fancy our official lunch destination of the Wyevale Garden Centre it was just Greg and me who pressed on to lunch. Everybody else set off back to Cambridge.

At Wyton Greg and I met Mike CC and over lunch we spent some time discussing strategies for weight loss (eat less and exercise more!) We then re-mounted our bikes and trundled home on the familiar route along the Thicket Path and busway.

When I reached home I found I had cycled 97 km (60 miles).

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  1. Rupert's Rescue Services truly sorted me out! Thanks to all involved. Greg