Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spring rides with CTC Cambridge

Spring has at last arrived, and we're adjusting our weekly programme of cycle rides to reflect the improving weather and the lengthening evenings. For our complete diary of rides see our April rides list.

Starting Sunday 3rd April the start time of our main Sunday rides changes to 9.00am and these rides will become slightly longer. Our Sunday afternoon rides will continue to start at 1.00pm, though the time of our afternoon tea stop will change to 3.30pm to allow us a slightly longer ride.

Our Wednesday evening rides become weekly from 30th March onwards. Join us at Brookside at 6pm for a two-hour ride through our favourite local lanes. After watching the shadows lengthen and the sun eventually set, we stop at a pub for about half an hour before heading directly back to Cambridge.

All our other rides continue as normal. Our ride every Thursday continues with parallel village and city centre starts points but the same coffee and lunch stops. Our senior cyclists' group continues to meet for lunch every Tuesday, and our leisurely Saturday short social rides continue twice a month.

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