Wednesday, 4 May 2016

4 May: Evening ride to Shepreth

Nigel writes: What a different a week makes! Last Wednesday our evening ride was held in damp, dismal and unseasonably cold conditions. Now, just seven days later, we had our best evening ride of the year so far: a gorgeous, warm evening with clear skies and sunshine followed by a beautiful sunset. These promising conditions brought out a total of six members for this evening's ride, with Neil, John E, Matilda and me starting from Brookside, Chris joining us at Whittlesford, and Conrad a little further along.

We set off south from Brookside, following our usual route south along the busway to Addenbrooke's. This was followed by the DNA path to Great Shelford and a minor road through Little Shelford, Whittlesford and Duxford to Ickleton. After a short pause at the foot of Coploe Hill to discuss alternative routes we climbed the hill and paused at the top for the customary photo.

Coploe Summit

Whenever we visit Coploe Hill on an evening ride we have two alternative ways to continue our ride: we either carry on south to Catmere End and make a loop via Littlebury Green and Elmdon, or we take a shortcut to Chrishall Grange along Royston Lane. Today, since we were running slightly late, I suggested we take the shorter route.

Royston Lane

Royston Lane is famous for its potholes but I think it's usually worth suffering the bumps in order to enjoy one of the quietest and most scenic roads close to Cambridge, with a succession of short hills offering superb long views of distant fields and the setting sun in the far distance.

Royston Lane

After what was probably the most enjoyable section of the ride we arrived at Chrishall Grange and the final few miles along the flat to Fowlmere and Shepreth. We arrived at The Plough in Shepreth at about 8.30pm as planned and stopped for drinks and bowls of freshly-cooked chips.

Beer and chips at The Plough, Shepreth

After about half an hour in this large, comfortable and efficient pub we returned back to Cambridge. It was now dark and we turned on our lights for our ride home via Barrington, Chapel Hill, Haslingfield and Barton. I arrived home at 10pm, having cycled 33 miles.

Download GPS track (GPX).

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