Wednesday, 29 June 2016

29 Jun: Evening ride to Quy

Nigel writes: There were just three of us out tonight: Andrew, Kenny and me, but we enjoyed a leisurely lap around one of my favourite local loops followed by a pleasant half-hour of beer and chips. No doubt many of the regulars had been put off by the unpromising weather: it was dull, damp and dreary, though we didn't actually encounter any rain until we we were almost home at the end (and that was little more than light drizzle).

Our route was an "anticlockwise Dullingham loop". This involved leaving Cambridge along Hills Road before turning onto Wort's Causeway for our first short climb over the Gogs to Fulbourn. We then continued on the flat through the Wilbrahams to Six Mile Bottom, arriving there at about 7.25pm. Although we probably had time for an extended loop via Wadlows Farm I felt in a leisurely mood and so we took the more direct route directly up the hill to Cemetery Crossroads before turning north to Dullingham. The weather stayed dull and overcast throughout, with quite a strong southerly wind, but there was no rain and once we had warmed up it wasn't cold.

Kenny and Andrew pass the Polo Club at Dullingham

Dullingham marked the most distant point on the ride. From there we turned west towards Swaffham Bulback, Bottisham and Quy. The rides list had originally proposed visiting The Plough in Fen Ditton so that we could sit out by the river in the warm evening sunshine, but tonight wasn't really the weather for sitting outside so at about 8.20pm we called in at The White Swan in Quy instead, where our bowls of chips were served almost immediately.

Afterwards we continued home to Cambridge via Fen Ditton and Ditton Meadows. Along the way it began to rain, but it didn't amount to much and I didn't bother to put on my waterproofs. I arrived home a few minutes later at 9.30pm, having cycled 48km (30 miles). Nigel Deakin

Download GPS track (GPX).

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