Thursday, 30 June 2016

30 Jun: Thursday ride to Newmarket and Depden

Edward writes: At Hauxton, for today's ride we were a bit overwhelmed with numbers, with twenty-three arriving for an Adrian-led trip to Newmarket and Depden Green. The weather was a better than last week with only light cloud cover and the possibility of rain considered to be low, but it was probably Adrian's pulling power that brought out so many. We heard later that there were eight starters from Brookside with Peter W leading from there.

The "village start" at Hauxton(Photo: John Ferguson)

With so many riders starting from Hauxton we split into two groups and went to Great Shelford to join the DNA path. This could do with a visit from the mowers as the grass is intruding into the path.

Heading from Great Shelford towards Addenbrooke's on the DNA path

On the DNA path

On the DNA path

Once we emerged from the hospital limits we climbed over the Gogs and went down to Fulbourn and Great Wilbraham. There was a bit of a breeze coming from the south west and for the most part it gave us assistance. The road down to Six Mile Bottom can often be a bit fraught with fast traffic but today for once none of the cars seemed to be in a race and we all arrived safely in Six Mile Bottom. We crossed the railway and began the long climb towards Brinkley and it was with relief that we reached our turning for Dullingham and for a while leaving the climbing behind us, at least until after lunch.


After Dullingham we joined the B1061 for the run into Newmarket and the Horse Racing Museum for coffee, arriving at 11.15 am, the same time as the city start group.

This would be the last visit to this cafe as it is closing next weekend so that they can prepare for the move to their new premises. They will reopen in September and we were told that there will be provision for parking bicycles, so that’s good news. But above all it will be staffed by the same friendly people as now, so that’s more good news. As always here we enjoyed a nice break which included both Vic F and S and also Peter Woodward and Geoff, and as always the staff coped very well with at least thirty people.

Coffee at the Horseracing Museum, Newmarket

Coffee at the Horseracing Museum, Newmarket (Photo: John Ferguson)

Finally, two groups led by Adrian and Peter left using the back streets of Newmarket to join the B1063 which put us on a long climb past Cheveley to Ashley. The climb wasn’t really hard work and we had the beautiful rolling countryside to enjoy as we rode by. When we reached Dunstall Green we turned towards Ousden and later Hargrave for the final part of our journey down to Depden Green, turning at that well-known landmark the water tower.

Dunstall Green

For lunch about eight went to the farm shop, which roughly equated to our estimate.

Lunch at Depden Farm Shop (Photo: John Ferguson)

Everyone else sat on the little green with their sandwiches.

Lunch at Depden Green

Whilst six more went to the farm shop for a cup of tea about a dozen wanted to go back early and it fell to Rupert to lead this group back home. When the final group of about fourteen started the return journey we re-traced our steps back to the Wickhambrook road. Before reaching Wickhambrook Adrian took us a little road called Duddery Lane which took us via a ford over the river and by-passed Wickhambrook bringing us out at Malting Green, a neat Adrian manoeuvre.

Leaving Depden Farm Shop (Photo: John Ferguson)

Leaving Depden Farm Shop (Photo: John Ferguson)

Some more country lanes brought us to the A143 at Stradishall for a short ride to the turning to Little Thurlow. We often use this road on our way to Stradishall and usually it is very quiet, but today we met the traffic going to Little Thurlow school and it was very busy.

Approaching Little Thurlow

Soon after we were on the home stretch, passing by Carlton Green, West Wratting, Balsham, Hildersham, Sawston and the Shelfords, finishing at 4.50pm after 64 very pleasant miles. Thanks to our two leaders, with assistance from Rupert, for a successful day out. Edward Elmer

Download GPS track (GPX).

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