Saturday, 18 June 2016

Object to the proposed closure of the gate at Foxton Level Crossing

CTC Cambridge strongly supports the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign in objecting to the Network Rail proposal to close this crossing. It is important that this gate remains open for use by cycles and pedestrians.

For full details see this report. Please help us to oppose this closure by registering your objection with Network Rail.

Network Rail are proposing to close the pedestrian and cycle crossing gate at Foxton Station as part of a wider set of crossing closures. This gate is an important link in the new A10 cycle path as a safe and segregated railway crossing for both cycles and pedestrians. There is not enough space on the A10 itself for a segregated cyclepath, so the gate is an essential element in the A10 cycle path. In any objection, please refer to the official Network Rail name for this crossing: "C06-Barrington Road".

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