Sunday, 14 August 2016

14 Aug: Sunday afternoon ride to Westmill

Simon writes: I only had two riders with me, David (who cycled from St Neots to meet us) and Ray's work colleague Dimitris, both of whom are super fit and ride bikes that make mine look like a penny farthing where someone has swapped the farthing for two more pennies!

But with enough pressure in my tyres to be sharper than a middle "C" tuning fork when bounced, and a beetroot-juice-fuel-injected stamina, I managed to keep them both entertained all afternoon and they said they were glad they had chosen the afternoon ride.

So it was to our enjoyment that our runs secretary, Rupert, had fine-tuned (to the G string on a Stradivarius violin) a pleasant route that got us there within 27 miles and without having to use the B1368. I only took one premature turn in Anstey which took us 3 miles further round Brent Pelham before getting back to Great Hormead.

The view, from the Westmill tea room, of the green surrounded by picturesque period cottages was homely with residents at their front doors extending the community of people soaking in the afternoon sun. We greeted the all day riders at the cluck of 4pm, if only for a fleeting exchange, as they had timed their ride with the precision of a Christmas cracker sundial..... matching the technological era of my "penny-penny", and were ready to go having been there since 3.15pm. I look forward to another lead soon. Simon Gallaway

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