Sunday, 4 September 2016

4 Sep: Sunday afternoon ride to Ashdon

Simon writes: There’s definitely been something in the air this weekend. Since Ian's ride to Anglesey Abbey on Saturday I’ve been on an involuntary high protein diet.

The rainy season on Lake Victoria in Africa produces enough flying insects for nomadic communities to make very nutritious burgers out of their swarms numbering trillions and not an "E" number in sight but three in the eye, two in the mouth and one in the ear is certainly enough for my appetite!

Brookside saw the arrival of John F, Matt and John E to form a quartet for today's ride to the Ashdon Museum. I've got a feeling my own Christmas cracker sundial might be two minutes fast so I allowed it to chime 2.04pm hoping to catch a few last minute riders.
Even before the Brookgate start of the busway my granny ring's bolts were coming undone and catching on the frame which forced us to stop while I did them up.

Then upon emerging from Whittlesford John E's chain came off for the first of three occasions so I decided to bypass Duxford, Hinxton and Ickleton and head straight for Coploe Hill. How surprised were we to see John F catching us up at the top after he had been in front but at least the group was together again.

Our passage through Saffron Walden was punctuated by several hoots from an impatient motorist, as Matt too remembers for the second time this weekend. Now this is education for you, where Matt comes from they're referred to as “Soccer Moms”, so we shrugged it off and let it pass.

Tea and cake at Ashdon was up to their usual good standard and I notice that they’ve breeze blocked up the walled entrance to the front of the outdoor area, making it enclosed, whilst laying in a neat access patio path along the side.

As you can see I did what I could to restrain John's front mech from throwing the chain off but his shifters are indexed and really needed the cable lengthening at the same time.

Whilst the clouds had been heavier than forecast and knitted together to exclude the sun until later in the afternoon at least it didn’t rain at all. We had been encouraged with a side / tail wind going out as well, which conveniently settled to an occasional and refreshing breeze for the ride home but now the clouds had gone and the sun gave us a very pleasant complexion to carry us towards the evening. Simon Gallaway

Photos by John Ferguson

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