Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Rides in Nov and Dec

Our November and December rides lists are now available. With the clocks going back on 30th October we are bracing ourselves for shorter and colder days, and our Sunday and Thursday rides are also becoming shorter as a result.

Please remember to bring your lights on all these rides: they may be needed for final part of the ride and can also be a good idea if it's misty or foggy.

Our Sunday rides change to the winter ride format just as soon as the clocks change. This means that our all-day rides start half an hour later at 09.30am and return straight home after lunch, whilst our Sunday afternoon rides start one hour earlier at 1pm, with a tea stop at 3pm. Our Thursday rides continue to start at 9.30am but the route will be shorter to reflect the shorter days.

We've also made a few changes to our other rides. Our Tuesday seniors' rides continue in November but they will stop in December and then restart in the new year. Our Wednesday evening rides will continue once a month on the night nearest the full moon. And our Saturday Social rides have just a single ride, in December.

During the Christmas holiday we're planning a reduced set of Sunday and Thursday rides, but we may add more rides depending on the weather and the availability of leaders - keep an eye on the website (and the members' email list) for the latest status.

Some of our rides still need a leader, so if you're able to lead a ride (or would like to lead an extra ride around Christmas) please contact Rupert.

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