Thursday, 24 November 2016

23 Nov: Thursday ride to Swavesey and West Perry

Edward writes: Our two leaders today were Peter W at Brookside with five riders and out in Haslingfield we had JJ leading fifteen. The weather was certainly cool with a North-east wind and there was never going to be glimmer of sunshine, with leaden skies all day. From Haslingfield our route took us to Harlton into Washpit Lane, up to the A603 and on to Comberton.

Leaving Haslingfield

Leaving Haslingfield


Next we climbed up to Hardwick and followed this to Madingley and Dry Drayton. When we reached Oakington the two groups’ routes diverged with JJ taking his down the busway whilst Adrian led the second group via the airfield to Longstanton before arriving in Swavesey and the Baptist Chapel for coffee; those using the busway arrived a few minutes later.

Oakington Airfield

Back at Brookside it seems Peter used a novel route through the town past the Round Church before arriving at the river which was used as far as Milton. Here they came across Eva who was dealing with a puncture and it’s on good authority that we heard that Simon with true gentlemanly gallantry immediately came in to assist. They were not held up for long and they arrived in Swavesey in good time.

At coffee we were joined by ten others, making thirty in total, another good Thursday turnout.

After coffee, and the usual comings and goings, a number of groups started out for Grafham Water. It’s difficult to know where everybody went to but probably most went via Graveley and the Offords whilst another smaller group went via the Hemingfords and Godmanchester. At the railway crossing in Offord Cluny two sub-groups met and were able to continue together through Buckden to Grafham. Most went on to the Harbour View and few took lunch at the visitor centre and also took the opportunity to look at the cycle shop. This group rejoined the others at the Harbour View where a mass exit of all eighteen riders took place.


Leaving West Perry (Grafham Water)

Leaving West Perry (Grafham Water)

It seems the planned route home was via Staughton Moor and indeed Adrian, accompanied by Richard M, went that way, but apparently there had been a last minute change of plan and we all headed back to Buckden and Offord Cluny. Most of the group headed towards Godmanchester leaving a small contingent to head for home via Graveley and Great Gransden. This was quite a long winter ride with some probably clocking up seventy miles. As always thanks to Peter and JJ for leading the rides.
Edward Elmer

Download GPS track (GPX).

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  1. Thanks for the write-up, Eddie & also for not mentioning the smashed plate!