Thursday, 12 January 2017

12 Jan: Thursday ride to Swavesey

Edward writes: Over the last day or so there had been a lot of discussion through the e-mail system as to whether or not today's ride should go ahead. The weather forecast had been pretty dire with a lot of rain predicted from mid-day onward. In the event our two leaders came to the agreement that we make this a coffee-only ride, with everyone heading back home after coffee in Swavesey rather than carrying on to lunch in Gamlingay.

At the start in Haslingfield

In all, over the two groups, more than twenty members arrived at Swavesey, with thirteen setting off from Haslingfield under the guidance of our chairman and another half-dozen or so departing from Brookside with John Seton leading from there. We had met at Haslingfield under grey skies, but with no immediate threat of rain and a temperature of about 5C. In view of the weather predictions our route was always going to be as direct as we could make it. Thus we went through Harlton, the Eversdens, Kingston, Bourn and up to the A428 near Cambourne. We then headed through Knapwell, and soon after there Susan hit a spot of bother which was later diagnosed as a broken spoke; fortunately she was able to carry on to Swavesey. After Knapwell followed the climb up to Boxworth after which we passed the ever-expanding construction site for the A14 development. In years to come all these roads which cross the new A14 are going to look a lot different. From here, oncer we were over the A14 it was but a short distance to Swavesey and the Bethel Baptist Chapel where we enjoyed for one of our favourite coffee stops.



This week the Women's Institute were in charge of baking the cakes, and a many and varied selection was on offer; delicious too. We arrived just after 11am and spent a pleasant half hour or so there, with many mindful of the weather forecast which predicted the rain to start at mid-day.

Preparing to leave Swavesey

As we assembled to leave the first spots of rain were felt. We made for the busway for the short journey home, accompanied by an increasingly steady drizzle. When we reached the Girton interchange quite a few carried on in the direction of Histon, with another group continuing through Girton and down Huntingdon Road towards Cambridge. Most people would have got home by 1pm having cycled in the region of 30 miles. Today was not one of our more memorable rides, but at least we did get out. Thanks are due to our leaders Andy and John for going ahead with the ride despite there being plenty of reasons for cancelling. Edward Elmer

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