Saturday, 4 March 2017

4 Mar: Saturday social ride to Histon

Ian W writes: It was good to enjoy a fine sunny mornings ride ahead of tomorrow's not-so-pleasant forecast, and Simon G, Angela T, Rachel, Dave and Phil no doubt felt likewise, not to mention Julia and Flo. An anticlockwise circuit was to be the order of the day as a result of the Lent Bumps likely hindering progress if the towpath were to be used on the return leg.

Unfortunately I hadn't accounted for all the overnight rain so along the river was as worse as I've ever seen it, the path not that far short of a continuous puddle! My plan to continue as far as Waterbeach was therefore hastily abandoned at Baits Bite Lock and so we short-circuited direct to Milton and wiggled around a bit through Impington so as not to arrive at the cafe too early.

Upon arrival Adrian and Mick C were already sitting comfortably and enjoying their refreshments. and we too were soon enjoying our coffees etc.

For various, not-necessarily-forseen, circumstances there was a parting of the ways upon leaving the St Andrew's cafe, leaving just four of us to continue with my adapted circuit which took us along the busway to Westwick before heading west towards Dry Drayton and looping via Madingley, Coton, Grantchester and Trumpington for the final divergence, so completing a fine 20-25 miles. Ian Wright

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