Sunday, 14 May 2017

14 May: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken

David S writes: After a difficult week for me ("Two funerals and a ...") I woke up on a boat on the River Orwell on Sunday morning to rain showers and a looming problem about getting back in time to lead the ride! Fortunately everything worked out (just) and I met Neil S, Ray M, and two new Sunday afternoon riders Jeff B and Sara H (both experienced and fit riders). With only one navigation mistake, we got quickly out of Cambridge to Chery Hinton and Fulbourn and, thanks to a flat route and a partial tailwind we headed through Wilbrahams and Upware to Wicken at an average of 13mph.

Mark, Lali, Jeff, Sara, Ray, Neil

The Methodist Chapel provided a delicious tea (my favourite tea stop!) where we were joined by Lalita and Mark, who had arrived late at Brookside and followed us to Wicken. As we were leaving, the all-day ride arrived and John ? took a photo of all seven of us (to follow?). Strong headwind slowed us down on the return ride, but with warm sunshine and beautiful views, we forgave everything as we cycled through Burwell, Swaffhams, Quy (NCN 51). The Leader then appointed Ray as Acting Deputy Leader and shamefully deserted his lovely team! They returned along the river, while he cycled home alone along Airport Way.

A perfect Spring ride! David Secher

Download GPS track (GPX).

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