Thursday, 29 June 2017

28 Jun: Evening ride to Hemingford Abbots

Nigel writes: Today didn't feel very summery at all: rather cool, with a strong north-westerly wind that was strong enough to put off all the other regular evening riders from turning up at Brookside for the start of tonight's ride. Fortunately I was joined by two relative newcomers to the evening rides: John and Andrew, and later by Paul. John, Andrew and I rode a repeat of our last ride to Hemingford Abbots. This started with a ride east along the river to Cambridge North station and then along the busway to St Ives.

With a strong headwind all the way this was quite hard work, at least for me, and it was a relief to reach St Ives and turn onto the much more sheltered Thicket Path to Houghton. Along this section we caught up with Paul who was making his own way to the pub.

On the Thicket Path

From Houghton we crossed the Ouse Meadows to Hemingford Abbots where we stopped for food and drink at The Axe and Compasses.

Afterwards we returned back to Cambridge. With the wind behind us at least this was an easy, comfortable cruise and we arrived back in central Cambridge at about 10.15pm. Nigel Deakin

Download GPS track (GPX).

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