Sunday, 2 July 2017

2 Jul: Sunday afternoon ride to Foxton

John Writes: Ten riders met at Brookside for the 1.30pm ride to Sue and David Howells house at Foxton for their much- looked-forward-to home tea. Support vehicles for a Bike Events ride ironically contributed to traffic congestion in Cambridge. After a delayed start Ian led the squad westwards on the Barton Road cycle track. After the Barton turn we escaped from the oncoming stream of the Cambridge bound cyclists and followed the B1046 through the villages to a mile short of Little Gransden, where we made a three left turns in succession through the Hatleys and Croydon. There were fine views to our right as we cycled across Croydon Hill.

I and two others exited Wimpole along the untarmacked carriage drive. This was perfectly dry and rideable on all but exceptionally skinny tyres. We rendezvoused with the main group at Orwell church and arrived at Sue and David’s lovely house in Foxton. This was my first visit. We enjoyed a sumptuous tea in the fine garden whilst Swifts, which nest under the Mansard roof, circled overhead. Our hosts had worked very hard preparing sandwiches and a huge range of cakes cut into very generous portions.

After tea we dispersed homewards. I took the new cycle track by the A10 to Harston and then the off-road route from Haslingfield via Granchester to Newnham. I understand this is to be made into a full cycle track (about which I have mixed feelings). Strava recorded my home to home distance of 38 miles.

The weather, sunny with a cooling breeze, the route and fine hospitality made this a ride for the record book. Thanks to Ian for leading. John Ferguson

Download GPS track (GPX).

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