Sunday, 12 November 2017

12 Nov: Afternoon ride to Hauxton for the AGM

John F writes: Almost perfect cycling conditions, only slightly marred by a cold North Westerly breeze, and the prospect of an excellent tea at the AGM tempted 14 riders to set off from Brookside at 1pm. On Grange Road the number increased by Phil making 15 in all. That must be some kind of record for a winter afternoon ride.

I had planned a route that could be shortened in order to fit into the arrival time of 3pm. In the event we arrived two minutes late. Most riders were familiar with the route through Coton, Madingley, Dry Drayton, Hardwick, Kingston (with magnificent views from the hilltop). From there it was downhill through the Eversdens, Harlton (now sadly with no pub) to Haslingfield. Here I discarded the planned route over Chapel Hill to Barrington and Fowlmere for the direct route through Harston to Hauxton. The so-called "cycle track" beside the A10 is here nothing more than a narrow, twisty and bumpy footpath. How long does it take to make a cycle track?

As leader I was somewhat spooked by the number of riders so no photos and Strava refuses to upload the route. John E did sterling work as sweeper: an essential role with so many cyclists. Tea was as anticipated excellent so many thanks from the afternoon riders to all the providers and helpers. The AGM business was expeditiously dealt with too so it was altogether an enjoyable afternoon.

After tea I returned to Cambridge with three of our group through Trumpington Meadows Country Park - a very pleasant ride after dark. Here Mike K spotted an owl quartering the terrain but the rest of us missed it. John Ferguson

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